Youth Ministry Programs

The Mesa Citadel Corps offers religious and character-building programs that include Sunday School, Youth Troops, Music Classes, Youth Group, Camping and more. Many youth who participate in such programs do not have access or opportunity to have these experiences otherwise. They have not experienced the peace or safety of camping in the White Mountains. Many have never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, or to make crafts and enjoy fellowship with other children in a protected setting.

The Mesa Citadel Corps gives all youth a chance to experience educational enrichment, life skills development and spiritual and physical wellness. Such experiences allow children to envision and pursue better futures. For more information please contact our Youth Director Katie Virtue at 480-962-9103 ext. 4. 


Wednesdays, 4 pm – 6 pm
Age: Pre-Kindergarten through High school (A meal is provided during the program)

Troops are christian character-building program in which badges are earned when tasks are completed. These groups are very similar to Boy/Girl Scouts but incorporate Christian values to the activities and badges. Adventure Corps is for the boys; Girl Guards; Sunbeams are for the girls; Moonbeams are for boys and girls ages 4 and 5. 

Corps Cadets

Sundays, 9:30 am 

Corps Cadet classes are weekly Teen Leadership/Bible Study for teenagers. Life is full of adventure, whether learning new leadership skills or climbing a mountain or learning God’s plan for your future. In any scenario, the challenge remains the same: “The Adventure Begins With You!”

F.R.O.G. (Friends Relying On God).

F.R.O.G. engages in Biblically relevant conversation, looking to Jesus for life and the Holy Spirit for guidance. If you like to rock-out, discuss life applicable topics, make new friends, and fellowship, this is the place for you. So if you are in grade 6 and up, join us for fellowship and fun. The youth group also meets for special events like concerts, service projects and conferences.

F.R.O.G. meets twice a month. One Friday we provide a Family Movie Night to our surrounding community Families. The other Friday we do outings, games, rock-out and fellowship. The day and time changes from month to month so for more information contact the Youth Director Katie Virtue at 480-962-9103 ext. 4.