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Birthday Celebration for 93-year-old Corps Member!

At the beginning of our service every Sunday, we have a “Call to Worship” time, a time in which we encourage everyone to worship the Lord together. Our 93-year-old friend, Opal, clearly demonstrates how important it is for her to come to worship the Lord each week, so we wanted everyone to be blessed and inspired by her example. As a result, for this past Sunday’s Call to Worship time, Major Candi announced that Opal had just celebrated her 93rd birthday. She talked about the fact that Opal is so faithful to continue to come to church. No matter what she struggles with – physically, or in any other way, she always remembers to go to the Corps to worship God. Also, she always tries her best to walk into our chapel. Opal is a wonderful example to men, women, boys, and girls, and especially for our congregation. After the service, we all sang a rousing “Happy Birthday” song, thankful for this lovely woman that God has blessed us with. Every Sunday when our corps members go to Opal’s home to pick her up, she always asks them, “Does my hair look beautiful?” She is a lady who truly cares about her image in front of God – both outside and inside.

(Article written by Lts. Richard and Joanna Wang; Pictures taken by Lt. Richard Wang)