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Corps Cadets' Special Service 2014

Copper Heights is an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community that serves seniors in Mesa. The Salvation Army in Mesa has been visiting their residents for quite a while. However, on Sunday, October 26, our Corps Cadets, led by Soldiers/Members Keisha Jones and Perfecta Weeden, participated in a service at this facility. Corps Cadets are committed to growing spiritually and to being leaders in their youth group. They also were joined by a few other Corps members – Sandra Weeden, Helen World, and Lts. Richard and Joanna Wang. We had a total of twenty people take part in this meeting. Our ministry included: singing using large-print songbooks, sharing prayer requests (especially the specific needs of these seniors and their families) and praying, giving a short devotional, and singing a special song for the seniors. This is a song that is known by young and old alike: “Jesus Loves Me.” We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in a ministry like this one. Seeing the smiles in their eyes and the tears running down some of their faces reminds us that, though there are some who may not feel that this is such a significant thing, to these beautiful men and women living in this facility, they are reminded that Jesus does indeed love them – so very much!