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Prayer Stations for the 24-hour Boundless Congress

The Salvation Army is celebrating our 150-year Anniversary this summer in London, England! This event is called "Boundless Congress." In order to prepare ourselves for this very special time, every Corps is committed to praying for twenty-four hours during a designated time. The Mesa Corps prayed January 25-26 for over twenty-four hours. Not only did we have people sign up to pray by themselves and with their families at home, but we also set up prayer stations to guide us in our prayers at the corps. Ten stations were set up by different Corps members. Each one focused on a different topic, but all were under the umbrella of prayer. The last station is focused on praying in one's heart. This is a reminder that we are children of the Lord and that we do not have to go to any specific place to pray. As Christians, Jesus is with us and He hears us wherever we are. May the Lord continue to raise us up as people of prayer.
Mesa Citadel Corps
January 25-26, 2015 24-Hour
Boundless Prayer Station---
10-10: In my heart: "Dear Lord, I am your child forever...In Jesus Name, Amen!"
(Article written by Lts. Richard and Joanna Wang; Pictures taken by Lt. Richard Wang)