The Mesa Salvation Army Helps Distribute Toys for Tots


510 bags of toys were given to families who came to the Mesa Salvation Army today. These toys were collected by the Marines’ Toys for Tots and they were distributed by The Salvation Army in Mesa. Last Friday morning, two semi-trucks came to the Mesa Corps to drop off these toys. Some of our bell ringers volunteered to help move the toys from the trucks to our Social Services center. Then on Saturday, more volunteers came to line up the bags, each which had been numbered and labeled so that every family could receive the toys that were designated for them. Finally, this morning (Monday, December 15), a long line of people waited outside the center in order to get the gifts that had been prepared for their children. One lady who received her gift bag from the Mesa employees cried while thanking them for all that they had done for her and her family. Her husband is still in the hospital so they didn’t know where they would be able to get gifts for their children. With tears in their eyes, our employees and volunteers said “Merry Christmas” to this mom, praying that she and her family will know Christ’s love for them this Christmas. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us this opportunity to work with the Marines in order to make this mission a success. Because of this, we pray that over five hundred families in the Mesa community will be able to have joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces as they remember the most important gift of Christmas – Christ!

(Article written by Lts. Richard and Joanna Wang; Pictures taken by Lt. Richard Wang)